The Selling of Your Rare Banknote Investment Portfolio

As an investor of rare Australian banknotes and coins, you should thoroughly research the area on interest that you are planning to purchase or sell. This research should be primarily conducted by you. If you feel the necessity you should consult a recognised Australian dealer such as Established 2010.

We highly recommend this to you in addition to seeking the advice from your personal accountant or a trustworthy financial planner.

We at offer a full range of services to our clients that include all aspects on Australian/International Numismatics investment including banknotes, coins, antiquities and memorabilia.

In the case of any future client, you may like to have your portfolio professionally graded and priced on your behalf. With this service we guarantee to check the full provenance of items to include true grades, and actual prices applicable at the time of your purchase. We can trace the provenance of your collection back to over 20 years. This offers you the peace of mind of knowing when you purchased your portfolio; your banknotes/coins were not overvalued, or over graded? And the possible return.

Australian Notes Pty Ltd trading as has assisted many clients, since 2010 to gain a true value of their collection, based on current market prices, and prices paid at the time of purchase.

This service charge is based on an hourly rate, not the on the value of your collection.

You can contact us by email at

You complete our questionnaires’ giving the briefest of information to include the company concerned: EG: TRCC, John Pettit Pty Ltd, Moneteriam to name a few. Simply state the number of banknotes OR coins, that you are holding these, or are they in storage SMSF or a personal investment? We will contact you, to discuss the method of valuing your collection.

We look forward to being of service to you, in the future; please contact us at any time.

Sincerely yours.

Kate Webster.
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The Purchasing of Rare Banknote/Coin and Stamp Investing Portfolios

The Selling of your Investment Portfolio through an Authorised Dealer.
As are valued client of Australasian Banknotes we are writing this article to all of our clients who may be have purchased in the past ,or planning in the future to invest in international collectables whether these be banknotes, gold, coins or general antiquities.

As an investor you will need to thoroughly research the area of banknote investment you are planning to place your financial budget into. This research should be primarily conducted by you. If you feel a requirement, gain the assistance from an accountant or trustworthy financial planner.

We at Australasian Banknotes offer a service to all of our clients at a nominal hourly fee, not based on the value of your collection. The service covers all aspects of international banknotes, international banknote demand, annual capital returns, current and future demands on all collectables from banknotes gold, coins, antiquities and memorabilia.

To enquire in relation to our valuation pricing, grading and possible exit strategy for your investment portfolio, please contact us at

Australian Banknotes offer no liquidation guarantee to our clients. A well-structured consignment system has been designed to create the best possible price and sale period for the Vendor.

Certain dealer’s call this guarantee a LIQUIDATION GUARANTEE or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, normally putting this in writing (a legal document). There are a number of numismatic companies who have withdrawn their written guarantee to ALL clients, stating the growing number of clients wishing to liquidate their stock, due to current economic conditions will require the seller to plan well into future due to far longer settlement periods from this dealer.

Australasian Banknotes are very confident in the international market and further states that the numismatic market, when we include banknotes of all countries, gold, coins and antiquities is very strong in both Australia and throughout the world.

We offer our service all countries throughout the world focusing on Australian, New Zealand, British Commonwealth and European countries. In all banknotes, coins, gold and antiquities.

Banknotes that can be seen at Australian Banknotes are the best available banknotes in Australia and throughout New Zealand and Asia in quality, prices, and descriptions. Prices are always negotiable on banknotes and no reasonable offer would be refused.

You can ask any questions you may have at

We try to answer all questions with 48 hours, orders are acknowledged within 24 hours, with orders dispatched within 3 days unless out of stocks are being experienced.

As a worldwide numismatics our company based in Australia we can always offer the most competitive price. All purchases come with certificates and deeds of ownership, with tax invoices for Australian residents.

We look forward to being of continuing service to you; our outstanding web page with banknotes that are currently offered for sale will improve as time goes by. If you would like to consign your banknotes, or coins please contact us at any time.

Katie Webster.
Information Manager.

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Investing in Rare Banknotes

Bankrolling A Profit

Investing in rare banknotes, coins and antiquities may provide key taxation advantages for individuals and privately managed superannuation funds.

To establish these possible financial advantages, we strongly advise all readers and new investors to consult with their registered accountant or financial advisor as to current taxation laws as they apply to the investing in numismatics.

Collecting in rare banknotes, coins and antiquities – so called numismatics is a hobby and investment as old as time is itself.

Astute investors and collectors are aware of the benefits that accrue from diversifying a proportion of available funds into quality banknotes.

The advantages may be the creation of a well balanced portfolio between financial assets and physical assets. The discreet nature of investing in numismatics, the both tangible and portable character of these items.

The ease of administration, beauty of historical material, with the knowledge of knowing your investment can be passed from generation to generation.

With an investment in banknotes past performance is no indication of future returns.

Annual capital returns on superior graded banknotes of Uncirculated over a period of 10 years have shown an annual capital growth of 15% per annum from 1987 to 1997* Source Access Economics – Collectables Trader 1997.

Banknotes outstanding performance was featured on the Money Programme of 2000 as Australia’s Number 1 investment in all areas of investment.

Tax Implications

The tax implications for investors on income taxation applying to investment in banknotes, may apply to your investment. Being capital assets with no corresponding income steam, the freedom from income tax results in an uninterrupted compounding effect on the asset value, thus maximising capital growth.

A capital gain will be accessible for taxation upon the sale of any banknote after allowing the effect of inflation.

Superannuation Investments

There is an interest in the investment of rare banknotes through superannuation funds, as a means of diversifying funds.

Rare Banknotes – The Best Producing Asset in Australia from 1990-2000.

Rare banknotes as both a superannuation and private investment have given outstanding returns over 30 years of survey’s conducted from 1977 up to 2000.

Annual capital returns of 15-20% in the superior graded banknotes of Uncirculated.

Annual capital growth from Australian Banknote and Coin Catalogues have shown from 2010 to 2011 an average growth of approximately 10-15% per annum.

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We offer to our worldwide audience the very best in quality banknotes, their superior grades, prices.

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