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International Methods of Grading – The Bramwell System

Standard International Methods of Grading The America’s, Great Britain, France, Belgium Europe.

The conventional grading has been applied to paper banknotes. It has not been applied to graders professional worldwide.

The Bramwell system is the preferred to method of grading amongst leading dealers.

It takes away the guesswork of so called half grading and confines grades to full graded only. It is based on the following terms.


FCU Flat Crisp and Uncirculated. A perfect banknote new and clean, never having been in circulation. Without blemishes, creases, folds, dirt or repairs.

Extra Fine.

A clean and crisp banknotes as when new, with buy a few minor creases possibly from folding. Colours will have original brightness. A banknote that has the slightest hint of discolouration in no longer an Extra Fine banknote.

Very Fine.

A fairly crisp and clean banknote with some creases and other signs of being in circulation for a period of time. The can be of no colours serious fading or soiling of the original.


A very well circulated banknote showing considerable signs of wear, maybe firm with fading and soling. Wear evident no tears or damage to the paper unless repaired or cleaned.

Very Good.

A banknote showing signs for frayed edges, damaged corners with soling and faded colour. Part of the note will be missing and torn. Not a purchasable banknotes unless very rare.


Good –Poor Unless very rare these banknotes are not collectable item. Worn, dirty faded and generally unattractive, with tears, repairs and pieces missing.