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Pre Federation Banknotes

Letter of Provenance.
Bank of New Zealand Circa 1902.

1902 One Pound Coloured Specimen Banknote. New Zealand Specimen banknotes of the colonial era are some of the scarcest banknotes issues in the world.

Being printed in strictly limited numbers, a Specimen, was printed to mark the intended release of a banknote for circulation, and then sent to Bank’s for final approval.

These Specimen’s remain the property of the engraver, whilst most were destined for banknote printing archives, some were reserved for presentation purposes.

Banknotes that appear in today’s market generally came by way of these folders, although others were released by The Bank of New Zealand over a period from 1865 to 1905.

The Bank of New Zealand(1861 1991).

Established in Auckland this bank became the largest in New Zealand with branches throughout New Zealand including Wellington, London, Sydney and Adelaide. One of the world’s truly international bank’s.

Head office was relocated to London in 1890, however on board decision was relocated to Wellington in 1894.

The bank was an independent Government owned corporation from 1945 to 1989 when the bank was privatized. The National Bank of Australia purchased the bank in 1992.

This One Pound banknotes issued in Wellington, is extremely well preserved, and is well over 100 years of age.