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Five Dollar Pair Last Prefix McFarlane/Evans 2016


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Reference:  R218bl.

Code: AB.

Australian Polymer Banknotes Last Prefix.

Signatures:  McFarlane/Evans.   Serial Numbers: HB97  988 181/80.

Grade: Uncirculated.

Sale Price:  $1200.00. (pair).                                         RR: $1450.00.

It is best to be aware as a client and investor with australianbaknotes.com.au with the introduction of all new Australian banknote issues in 2016.

All previous issues of Australian banknotes circa 1991 to the present time, may increase by up to 30% before September 2016, pushing banknotes such as HB97 to over $1000.00. per banknote.

Limited stocks apply in singles and pairs only.