Collectors Folio edition Australian Stamp and Phone Card Collection


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Reference: Collector’s Folio edition Australian Stamp and Phone Card Collection.  This is set 0069/1000 produced, printed in gold leaf the 0069 on both the phonecard and $8.00. stamp.

Issue: 1994.

Issued by Australia Post for & on behalf of The Australian Wildlife Conservation Society in 1994.

Historical Notation: For those unfamiliar with Australian phonecards these were issued in denominations up to Fifty Dollars for use in both the  Australia Post pay telephones and “Red Phones” in a time well before any mobile communication.

Australia Post phone cards were gradually phased out in the early 1990’s with the introduction of mobile phone communication, with such handy phones known as “ The Brick”.

Collect a wonderful part of Australiana, rarely ever seen on the open numismatic market, of course we only have the one in stock, the value of the stamps & phonecard represent 50% of the value, the balance is made up of the intrinsic value of this piece.