Confederate States of America Banknote Set



Australian Banknotes are pleased to offer for sale this set of Confederate States of America. The set of 3 banknotes from 1863 to 1864. This comprises the first 50c banknote issued under the Confederate States in 1863.

Fifty Cent.
Serial Number: 81439.
Co-signed by The Register and Treasurer.
Date: 16th April 1863.
Grade: Uncirculated.
Signed at Richmond Virginia. (NEVER HONOURED).

Ten Dollar.
Serial Number: 78944.
Signed for  The Register and Treasurer.
Date:17th February 1864.
Grade: aUncirculated.
Signed: Richmond Virginia.(NEVER HONOURED).

One Hundred Dollar.
Serial Number: 5756.
Co-Signed by The Register and Treasurer.
Date: 13th June 1863.
Grade:  Very Fine.
Signed: Richmond Virginia (Banknote honoured with interest paid.

The total price of this set is offered for sale at: $800.00.

We invite offers on this unique collection.