Full set of four King George VI banknotes


Full set of King George set Ten Shilling banknotes

Sheehan/McFarlane 1939, Armitage McFarlane 1942, Coombs.Watt 1999 and Coomb.Wilson

All banknote are Uncirculated with the exeption of the Sheehan.McArane.

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R012 Sheehan/McFarlane
Circa 1939.
Serial Number: F/5 116778.
Grade: aUncirculated.
Price: $2300.00.

R013 Armitage/McFarlane
Circa 1942.
Serial Number: F25781834.
Grade: Uncirculated.
Price: $1800.00.

R014 Coombs/Watt
Circa 1949.
Serial Number: A72 981134.
Grade: Uncirculated:
Price: $2000.00.

Circa 1952.
Serial Number: B21 766858.
Grade: Uncirculated:
Price: $2000.00.

Total price of the collection is: $8100.00.
This set san be sold separately