Great Southern Land- The first international stamps from Australia Post in 2000




Great Southern Land- The first international stamps from Australia Post in 2000. This was a range of eight International Australia Posts stamps.

We offer this set, to that special collector with an eye for history.


Great Southern Land is a new range of eight international Post stamps. Featuring stunning views of the landscape, the stamps highlight Australia’s natural beauty. Two of the stamps, showing those classic symbols of Sydney, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, are part of Australia Post’s Olympic Games stamp program.

The new stamps are a distinctive shape and carry International Post branding in order to clearly distinguish international mail from domestic mail. There are two sizes. The smaller size (42.63 x 18.75 mm) is for denominations up to and including $3. The larger stamps (56.25 x 24.75 mm) carry values above $3.

The range is being introduced to enable Australia Post to comply with the Australian Government’s new tax legislation, effective 1 July 2000.

Stamp and pack design: Beth McKinlay. Australia Post Design Studio
Stamp photographs: Opera House (Jean-Marc La Roque/Auscape); Nandroya Falls (Peter Jarver/Wildscape); Harbour Bridge (Philip Quirk/Wildlight); Cradle Mountain (Mark Lang/Wildlight); Pinnacles (Peter Walton); Flinders Ranges (Stavros Pippos); Twelve Apostles (Shane Pedersen/Wildligrrt); Devils Marbles (Phil Gray)
Pack photographs (front l-r): Pinnacles (Peter Walton); Opera House (Claver Carroll/Austral); Lizard Island (Grenville Turner/Wildllght): Lake Hart (Grenville Turner/Wildlight); Devils Marbles (Phil Gray) (back l-r): Cradle Mountain (Dennis Harding/Auscape); Twelve Apostles (Tom Keating/Wildlight) (inside): Twilight Cove (Mark Lang/Wildlight)