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Bank of Newcastle Sepia Uniface Unissued Ten Pound 1828

$25,000.00 $6,500.00
1828 VF


Australian Pre Federation Banknote.

Denomination: Ten Pound. Circa: 1828.

Banknote Type: Sepia Uniface Unissued Banknote.

Domicile: Newcastle. New South Wales. Australia.

Grade: Very Fine.

RR: $25000.00. Source Renniks 25th edition Banknote & Coin Catalogue 2014.

Notation: The Bank of Newcastle was established in 1828, the bank was an adjunct to a general store then run by Frederick Boucher. The proposed banknote issues never eventuated for reasons lost in history Mr Boucher closed his Newcastle store in 1830. There are only unissued banknotes that remain as at 2015 in Denomination of One, Five & Ten Pound, no banknotes were ever circulated. TRN have only one ten pound currently in stock. A purchase of an unissued banknote from The Bank of Newcastle in the highest denomination of ten pound, would be an impressive addition to any Pre Federation portfolio.

Reference: MVR 1.