NZ 10 Pound Multi Coloured Uniface Specimen 1926



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The Bank of New Zealand.

Denomination: 10 Pound.

Banknote Type: Mulita Colored Uniface Specimen Banknote Cancelled.

Serial Numbers: 095, 000- 070,001.

Date of Issue: 1st October 1926.

Cancelled: 17th March 1927.

Circa:  1861 to the present time.  Domicile: Wellington. New Zealand.  Catalogue Number: PS237.

Grade: aUncirculated.

This banknote is beautifully presented in every way, has a full sheen & lustre.

With no faults on this banknote, in very way completely flawless.

Printer: Bradbury Wilkinson & Co Ltd, Engravers London.

Extremely Rare: Only 4 of this denomination & date known to exist.

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