One Hundred Pound Bank of Australasia


Bank of Australasia (Incorporated by Royal Charter.)

Type: Printers Proof.

Printed by Perkins Bacon and Company London.

State of Issue: Victoria

Mono faced Printers Proof (gum adhesions on the back of the banknote from the original personation).

Signed off, as approved by The Manager of the day 10th June 1873 to be approved for general printing..

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Grade: Extra Fine, in pristine condition with no signs of wear, repairs or general treatment. Originally released from the vaults of the Bank of Australia prior to Federation on 1901. The Hundred Pound pre federation was used as an interbank transfer between those operating banks of the time for settlement of outstanding interbank transfers.

As the highest denomination banknotes in circulation, this makes this banknotes Extremely rare, and the hardest of all banknotes to source for collector and investor alike.

Current RR: $27000.00. (source Renniks 24th edition Banknote and Coin Catalogue 2011). The expectation on the release of Renniks 25th edition of 2013, should give a value of $30000.00..

Bank History: 1835-1951. Established in London in 1835, amalgamated with the union Bank in 1951. Branches of issue included Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Parramatta and Hobart Town.