Ten Pound – Town and Country Bank

MVR2 1881 Uncirculated Multifaced coloured Specimen

Ten Pound Australian Pre Federation Banknote


Bank: Town and Country Bank. Denomination: Ten Pound.

Date of Issue: 1881-Pencil Top right obverse 1885 indicates the banknote was not put into general circulation until this later date.

Serial  Number: N/A.

Printers: Bacon and Wheeler and Company. London. England.

Historical Information: The Town and Country Bank was established in Adealide in 1881. Branch of Issue was Adelaide only. The Bank ran from 1881 to 1886 due to a lack of investors’ funds and their mistrust of the bank,  in addition to the many new banks establishing in Adelaide.

REFERENCE: COP/Y  Renniks Number: MVR 2. Page 146. Renniks 24th edition Circa 2011.